About Us


By students, for students – this is our motto. We are a student association built from the ground up to serve the welfare of over one million Australian tertiary students. We advocate on behalf of students and their needs, but unlike any other student organisation in Australia, we also offer affordable services to campus-based student associations and clubs. Even more than that, however, we work with students and student groups around Australia to help build and improve their own capacity and skills needed to better advocate and represent their interests, and to provide better services for students at their local level.


The ASA is an umbrella group for tertiary students from around Australia. Any Australian student or group of students may affiliate with the Association. We aim to engage with any body or organisation that takes an interest in student affairs. These bodies or organisations range from student unions and guilds, university clubs, TAFE student associations, to parents and friends groups. To our affiliated members we provide advocacy and representation, as well as make available value-for-money services and training.